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John Bickford.
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I was introduced to Dr. Sal and the Nuarch Dental team by my wife. She went for a consultation and came home very excited stating they were the real deal, and she was going to go forward with the All On 4 implant procedure. Like my wife, my teeth were not in good shape due to lack of dental visits as well as years of teeth grinding. I was very self-conscious about my smile and the thought a one and done solution in a very reasonable amount of time was very enticing to me. My consultation with Dr. Sal was scheduled, and just as my wife had shared with me, Dr. Sal and his team were very warm, kind with a lot of knowledge and integrity. Dr. Sal did express that he could likely save my teeth, however I did not want to be going to the dentist monthly for the rest of my life to get things back to where they needed to be. Being older and dental health being critical heading into my golden years, I elected to get the All On 4 upper and lower arches. Time, money, dental health and of course aesthetics played a part in my decision. I wanted a good-looking smile and a healthy mouth that didn’t take an inordinate amount of time and money to accomplish. Getting the All On 4 Arches was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I couldn’t be happier. My procedure started on October 8th, and it is now February 1st and I have my permanent upper and lower arches. My total experience with Nuarch Dental was extremely uplifting and pleasant. Knowing that I can eat anything I want without incident, have a great looking smile and oral health that I no longer have to be self-conscious about all accomplished in a 4-month time frame is amazing. For anyone considering All On 4 implants and arches, Nuarch Dental, Dr. Sal and his amazing team should be explored and highly recommended.
Chad & Danielle Baker
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My husband just completed his treatment with Dr Sal and it is truly hard to find the right words to express how happy he is! Never in a million years would we have expected that such an overwhelming and complex procedure could go so smoothly or that all of the anxiety and nervousness could be virtually reduced to none. The very first phone call I made to inquire about a consultation, I had the pleasure of speaking with Mrs Dr Sal ;), Ayse--honestly, one of the sweetest human beings I have ever met. Her patient, calm personality is infectious! Upon meeting both she and Dr Sal, my husband was instantly at ease and eager to move forward with the plan that was presented to him. Using the perfect level of sedation, the surgery was tolerable and went very well to say the least. Fast forward to the final result--I can only think of two words, LIFE CHANGING. We cannot thank you enough for your care and compassion. This has been a dental experience like no other. My husband is literally smiling from ear to ear--so proud to show off his new smile and so happy to be able to eat normally again. He has been hiding his smile and living uncomfortably for years--seeing his confidence restored because of his new teeth makes my heart smile. A special thank you to Dan Rea of WBZ 1030 (Nightside with Dan Rea) for introducing us to NuArch by Dr Sal. If you or a loved one are in need of dental implants, look no further--it will be the best decision you've ever made, as it was ours. Thank you again Dr Sal!
Kai Pong
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The best service I had for my implant. They have a great technology for implant. Just two visits and I am got new looking good tooth. The service is awesome. A doctor has a high experience just for this. I would recommend and do not hesitate to go for your great smile.
Catherine Peterson
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I cannot say enough about the incredible experience I had with Dr. Sal and his team at Nuarch. From the initial greet and prescreening with Ayse to my consultation with Dr. Sal this team made me feel comfortable and cared for. The office is stylish and incredibly clean with all the latest technology available. My case was perhaps a little unique, I was only looking to replace 1 single tooth - not a full mouth replacement. Upon my consultation with Dr Sal it became clear that my lower jaw was not a good candidate for replacement and the better option would be to save the tooth. I had a gum graph procedure and wire installed behind my 4 lower front teeth. The procedure took about 2 hours and I could not be happier with the results. I am so grateful that I found Dr. Sal. If you are considering having implant work done, I strongly suggest you contact them and go in for a consultation. While I did not have an implant done I can attest that Dr. Sal and his team will treat you with respect and give you the honest answer and solution to the issue you bring to them. Nuarch Dental is in this business to truly help correct your issue the right way. FIVE STAR EXPERIENCE !!
luiza franca
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I was with a excruciating pain do to a Job done in another country. The moment I call Dr. Sal’s office , I was told to go in right away. The front desk staff were so kind, and so helpful. She did everything to make sure I felt better. And Dr Sal save me from my agony. His knowledge in his field it’s impressive. simply the best I cannot thank and recommend him enough ❤️❤️
Shanice Wilson
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I highly recommend Dr. Sal! Him and lovely Ayse make the process of getting and implant so smooth! I was so terrified of getting my tooth removed AND getting an implant but now I feel like nothing ever happened! Thank you guys so much I will for sure only return to you guys for any future tooth issues!
Manjola Prifti
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I cannot praise enough Dr. Sal for the service he has provided to me. 10 days ago he performed a complex procedure for me and I was amazed that after all that work, I did not experience any pain or swelling. This is the second time that Dr.Sal has provided care for me and I am happy with the care I receive from the moment I walk through the door of his clinic till the moment that he is done checking on my recovery and healing. He listens to my concerns and patiently answers all my questions (including the strange ideas I throw to him at times). He makes sure I know what to expect and that I fully understand the steps of the procedure. Thank you Dr. Sal and all the staff.
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I can’t thank and praise Dr. Sal and his team enough for the work they did for my father who had his dental implants done in September. My father is 83 years old and had been using full dentures for years. He should have gotten dental implants years ago and had reached the point where he was told by a dentist it was too late because of bone loss due to lack of any remaining teeth. His bottom dentures were failing, however, and it was affecting his quality of life. I searched for a reputable dental specialist in Massachusetts and was drawn to Dr. Sal based on his amazing reviews on Google. From the first consultation they gave my father in June through the surgery in September and follow ups they have been incredibly warm and welcoming such that even my worried father was willing to go through with a procedure he thought he was too old for. The consultation was comprehensive, state of the art, informative, and in contrast to others who charged my father hundreds to tell him it was too late, it was free. After growing skeptical of having dental surgery during a long summer vacation, I took my father back in August to get answers for his concerns and today he is so glad he decided to go through with it. The results have been life changing for him and my only regret is not finding Dr. Sal sooner. If you have dentures, are considering dental surgery, or need dental work of any kind, I highly recommend calling Dr. Sal’s office if only to explore your options. Even if you live a bit far away or out of state it will be worth it (my Dad lives 40 minutes from his office). They are warm and sincere professionals who won’t try to push anything on you and will lay out all the options including doing nothing. If you would like to hear more I would be happy to share the process my father went through and the results. If you are reading this and deciding where to go trust me when I say you will be happy to have visited Dr. Sal’s office regardless of your final decision. And if you need implants and/or new dentures or any other dental work I would definitely choose Dr. Sal. Implants are an investment, but whether for yourself or a loved one they will be worth it. My father looks younger and replacing his bottom dentures has improved not only his appearance but his eating, sleeping, and confidence. For implants, the sooner you get them the better if you have already started losing your teeth, and especially if you have lost all of them due to bone loss in the jaw overtime. If age is your concern, father is 83 and I believe Dr. Sal has had patients as old as in their 90s. He was awake during the surgery and I took him home the same day. If you’re stressed/anxious about deciding who to call and where to go I promise you will feel 100% comfortable meeting with Dr. Sal and his team. If there is no way to contact me through this review feel free to ask Dr. Sal for my contact info as I would be happy to be a reference.
Mirielle Jean Francois
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When you think of a dentist's office you certainly don't think those words: (Spa, Warm, Fun, Comfortable, Caring, HUMAN, Delightful, Accommodating). My journey started one late night when I saw a commercial on TV. The commercial did not feel like one because the content sounded different. I remember the Doctor saying," I did those implants on my elderly mother." Nobody uses their mother in a commercial just because. I have been looking for a dentist for my mother who resides in a different country and often it's not easy to get everything aligned when dealing with a variety of factors like culture, timeline, doctor appt etc... I noted the number. I contacted the office sending them a picture of my mother's smile and to my dismay I not only received a call but several follow-up text messages interacting with me 🙂 fast forward a couple of weeks went by and I found myself having a dental emergency after calling around and having some of the rudest interaction EVA! I remembered that I had been talking to this office so I gave it a shot. Immediately I was booked for an appointment the next day and my problems were addressed swiftly. At the office, the atmosphere feels light and friendly, and the music makes you feel like you are about to go to have a facial or the best massage ever. The staff is attentive and NICE. None of the usual sterile atmosphere that impregnates most of us with fear. Thank you for an AMAZING experience 🙂
Pauline S.
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I highly recommend Metrowest Dental Care. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Sal and his team, everyone is incredibly friendly and welcoming. I had put off going to the dentist for a few years out of fear and had to have a lot of much needed work done. They went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and needed nothing. Dr. Sal has made it painless and easy. As someone who has had dental anxiety they offer a great atmosphere that alleviates fear and stress. They also have options for sedation which I took advantage of. Apparently i compared a dental tool to a lightsaber but i have no recollection of this… I can’t recommend them enough. Dr. Sal and his staff are top notch.

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