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Welcome to NUARCH by Dr. Sal, your destination for tailored care in dental implants. Dr. Sal is committed to understanding the distinct needs of each patient and crafting their personalized treatment plan.

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Why should I consider implants?


Dental Implants fuse with jaw bone similar to natural roots and provide a stable foundation for prosthetic teeth.

Function like natural teeth

Implants don’t slip while eating, talking, laughing or sneezing because they are rooted into the jaw bone.

preserve Jawbone health

Implants support and stimulate the jaw bone so it doesn’t shrink and make you appear older, following teeth loss.

Cost Of Full-Arch Dental Implants

No Bone Graft Needed

Custom Designed Titanium Base with PMMA Teeth

Our cost efficient permanent solution is a great alternative to snap on dentures at a comparable price. The best part is they stay in, they don’t go in a cup.
PMMA Teeth

Zirconia-Life bridge

Zirconia-Life bridge is custom crafted to match your implants perfectly,
and achieve the best aesthetics, strength and durability. Its durability
ensures that it is an investment that maximally pays itself off.

Our Zirconia-life bridge can be made to solve complex cases with severe
bone loss. Dr. Sal’s NuArch process adds value to the quality of life that
patients find priceless.

zirconia life bridge

Single Implant Solution

Explore our options for tooth replacement

Replacing a missing tooth is critical to prevent
further teeth loss. When a tooth is lost it causes the
rest of the teeth to shift from their positions and
causes them to bear additional chewing forces. In
the long run, it costs more to not do anything for
your teeth, as it can lead to expensive
complications further down the line.

Make sure to ask about our immediate bioimplant
tooth replacement option.

Single implant solution

Why NUArch By Dr. Sal

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Having experience with 1000s of implants, Dr. Sal has demonstrated his excellence delivering world-class dental care.


Being a graduate of the Boston University School of Dental Medicine and completing a post-graduate program the University of Puerto Rico, Dr. Sal strives for continuous learning to provide his patients with the very best in dentistry.


Being a certified IV and Oral Sedation Clinician, along with completing extensive training on advanced zygomatic, pterygoid, and transnasal implants from mentors all over the world.


integrating treatment with lasers, PRF, and PRP, Dr. Sal augments the standard implant procedure to optimize recovery and gum health. A fully digital in-house dental lab ran by our Tech Talent ensures speedy delivery of crowns and bridges without the hassle of a third-party lab.


Don't believe us? See for yourself!

dental implant before after

In one week I can eat and talk better than I have in the Last year, Nuarch is a true implant Center,

I thought I was going to buy a truck but the truck doesn’t chew for me and it doesn't make me healthy. I am thrilled with my new teeth, I am worth it.

dental implant before after

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