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Dr. Sal’s Nuarch Process offers you a brand new smile in a single appointment anchored into dental implants. At Nuarch by Dr. Sal you will have the best of both worlds. You get to experience the true personalized care of a small practice and have your customized treatment, planned through cutting edge technology and expertise. Being the owner doctor, Dr. Sal has the freedom to choose the technology that he sees the benefits of, for his patients and is always active in learning and gaining new skills in All-on-4 type dental implant treatments. Find out the transformation NuArch by Dr.Sal can bring to your life by reserving your first appointment today.

Dr. Sal

Dr. Sal graduated from Boston University School of Dental Medicine in 1999. His interest in Implant Dentistry led him to go through a rigorous year-long Surgical Training in Dental Implantology at Puerto Rico University. Dr. Sal is thrilled to see his patients’ life-changing transformations after receiving Full Arch Dental Implant Treatment and believes that no one should put their teeth in a cup when dental implants are an option. He has been investing most of his time into making this amazing treatment more predictable, precise and practical for his patients. Using science and technology, he developed his Nuarch Process for All-on-Four  procedure for improved patient comfort and treatment predictability.

Nuarch Process is a four step technique for All-on-four treatment

digital planning

Planning & Digitalization

At your pre-procedure visit we take a CT scan, 3-D scan, photos and videos of your mouth, teeth and face and save them as digital computer files so our lab team can design your new teeth. Dr.Sal studies your Ct scan to determine the implant locations. He had studied thousands of CT scans.

dental implant patient going over smile transformation process with dr altepkin

Procedure and Healing Teeth

On the day of procedure we make sure you are comfortable and don’t feel anything. Dr.Sal places the implants on the predetermined positions. He is also trained to treat many cases of severe bone loss.

You will receive your screw retained healing teeth on the same day.

jaw bone graphic reverse

Healing Time

The third step is the healing time. Dr. Sal uses this time to gather more clinical information to further customize your definitive teeth.

This time is important for your jaw muscles and tongue to develop new muscle memory.

full arch denta limplants being held by dentist

Definitive Prostheses

The fourth step is delivering your Full Arch Implant Teeth which are many times made from Zirconia. Zirconia is a naturally occurring ceramic and the most biocompatible prosthetic dental material available.

Technology Completes Experience

All-on-four is a complex treatment approach that involves calculated steps from surgery to fabrication and placement of prosthetic teeth. Through his years of experience Dr. Sal uses the equipment that would make the All-on-four treatments more precise and predictable. His passion for exceptional care led him to develop his Nuarch process, which minimizes communication issues and ensures faster and better results for Full Arch Dental Implant treatments.

Our Premier Services

IV & Oral Sedation

At Nuarch by Dr.Sal, Dental Implant surgeries are completed under conscious sedation, either through, IV, oral or both. You will feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure, which will also help with faster healing and minimal discomfort following the procedure. Dr. Sal performed +700 procedures under sedation and his facility is licensed for IV and Oral sedation.

full arch dental implants

Full Arch Implant Teeth

If you are struggling with dentures or dental issues that feel like never ending. Full Arch Implant teeth are the best solution that function like and feel closest to natural teeth. Our patients experience the freedom to live their best lives and the relief from pain, worries and a restricted soft food diet. Dr. Sal has the skills and expertise to be able to give dental implants to 99% of his patients.

zygomatic dental implant

Fixed Teeth From The First Day

Using our cutting edge 4-D  scanning technologies, and 3-D design softwares our technicians are able to fabricate your new teeth on the day of the surgery. Through Dr.Sal’s 100% digital Nuarch Process, you will receive beautiful natural looking teeth that are designed to fit your face and function comfortably. You can start using the new teeth from day one.

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